Hone Shelf

by Nama-d Studio


Hone, abbreviation of Honegumi: from japanese 骨組み, meaning "skeletal frame".

Hone shelf arises as a reinterpretation of a conventional shelf through a conceptual transformation of the physical properties of the material. By doing so, the wood becomes conceptually “elastic”. The vertical supports stretch outwards to isolate the horizontal planes, strengthening the joints, providing and promoting load transmission and thickness optimization, giving fluidity and movement to the piece.

Each signed and numbered piece of furniture is conveniently packed in a wooden box for maximum care.

Solid Iroko wood, oil and natural wax finish. Alternative solid wood such as Charcoal Ash or Walnut is also available upon request.

Length: 140cm / Width: 48cm / Height: 192cm.
Weight: 34 Kg