Kuroba Dining Table

by Nama-d Studio


Kuroba: from japanese クローバー, meaning "clover".

Inspired by plant nature, Kuroba Table emerges and grows through various simple operations by transforming three points of a circle. The purity of it's original geometry is subtly altered through an evolutionary process in order to meet its main needs, both functionality and stability.

Material and wide range of colours are available upon request.

Series limited to 100 signed and numbered copies. Each piece of furniture is packed in a wooden box for maximum care.

Material: Krion® Solid Surface. It is a material that is warm to the touch and similar to natural stone. It is made of two-thirds natural minerals and a low percentage of high-resistance resins. This composition gives KRION a number of exclusive features: it does not have any pores, it is antibacterial without any type of additive, it is hard-wearing, highly resistant and easy to repair, only requires minimum maintenance and is easy to clean. It is an ecological material, as it can be recycled 100%. Alternative colours are available upon request.

Diameter: ~160cm / Height: 75cm.
Weight: 54Kg